Muscle Physiology — General Overview

The muscle physiology laboratory is dedicated to the education and training of students via scientific research.
Our scientific goal is to understand the design and plasticity of the neuromuscular system.

History and Personnel

The UCSD muscle physiology laboratory, located in the Veterans Administration Medical Center, was dedicated on September 16, 1986. Currently, the laboratory is supported by grants from the National Institutes of Health, the Veterans Administration, and private corporations.

The laboratory consists of physiologists, hand surgeons, residents, graduate students, and undergraduates. We encourage collaboration with faculty and scholars from other Universities.

Laboratory Goals

  • To discover the underlying design principles of the neuromuscular physiology system.
  • To describe and understand the adaptive ability of the neuromuscular system.
  • To effectively communicate these findings to the scientific and medical communities.
  • To teach the scientific method to high school, undergraduate, graduate, medical and post-doctoral students.
  • To develop student's critical thinking ability.
  • To provide career guidance at many levels via exposure, discussion and debate.

General Areas of Interest

All of our studies fall into one of two general categories:

Specific Scientific Objectives

Currently, the objectives of the laboratory are:

  • To understand the relationship between sarcomere length and joint angle in amphibian and mammalian systems.
  • To understand the architectural design of human arm muscles commonly used in surgical tendon transfer procedures.
  • To develop analytic and graphical models of muscles, tendons, and the joints on which they act.
  • To identify the factors which affect strength recovery in humans following surgical tendon transfer.
  • To identify the cellular events associated with muscle adaptation to surgical manipulation.
  • To understand the physiological relevance of the various myosin isoforms.

Publications from this year

An index of a few abstracts and papers from this year formatted for presentation on the WWW. A more comprehensive list can be found in our Lab Bibliography.


  • The skeletal muscle physiology laboratory is supported by the Veterans Administration, the National Institutes of Health, NASA and Preferred Medical Products.

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